Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mini-Reviews #1 (a mostly non-whiny post)


Mini - Book Review: World War Z, even better than I thought it would be. A documentary of the international war vs the zombies. As many have said whom I have talked to about this book, it's more about the human condition, and human nature, than a zombie story... that being said there's plenty of scary zombie scenes with much carnage. Check it out.

Mini - Music Review: New MSI album**. Much better than their last offering, this is a perfect meld of a more-mature and polished band, that keeps it's sound. The track "Issues" is a perfect example, plish sound, great beat, interludes with those crazy atari-esque noise, and MSI lyrics. Highly recommend this for MSI fans, and people who aren't afraid to try different kinds of music. MSI is the retarded child of punk, hip-hop and a cross between the original atari and nintendo machines.

Hopefully upcoming reviews: The Musketeer, The Door in the Floor, and Versus Director's cut all on DVD. My thoughts on the mini-series and 1st season of Battlestar Galactica from tv. A Game of Thrones, the first in the Ice and Fire series from George R. R. Martin from the literary world. Assassian's Creed thoughts, as well as past due thoughts on The Witcher, Rainbow Six Vegas 1, and AudioSurf from the gaming realm.

Upcoming posts: More whining, and possible new works from the 3d realm...

Questions for anyone reading... min-reviews, and in-depth will be the two review styles. 1 will have many coverages in a single post, the other will have a single topic. Then what to call overdue reviews stuff a few months to a year or slightly more old, and also what to call the really old reviews, say if I want to review bionic commando for the NES. Right now they would be called past-due reviews, and ex post facto reviews... old and lots older. Any thoughts? Back to the future reviews... maybe some sort of film reference...

* The Surrealest is a group of 7-8 MC's one of which is a good friend of mine, they tackle political and intellectual subjects most often, and are ever-evolving with their talents. Show is $10 with 4-5 other groups included in the concert.

**Of course this album is only available from Myspace currently, until it's full release at the end of this month, when I (and you should too) will pick up an official release CD.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Take this sinking boat...

... and point it home.

I find the lyrics of many of the songs from the indie "Once", intriguing and as always find a personal interpretation in them. The film is at the top of my Netflix queue, and if I ever send back the 3 dvds I have (received in early January) I may finally see it. It seems like it my be something I would like; a good human story. Then again it may end up as overdramatic crap... but I'm willing to take the chance based on some songs, and the fact that overdramatic crap has a chance of fooling me currently...

I am vaguely aware (the extent of awareness of anything for the time being) of a small handful of my post being of nautical reference.. this one being indirect. My love, fear and loneliness have been felt and symbolized through the ocean for all of my life that I have the ability to remember. I can gaze for hours, good weather or bad at the scenes the ocean terrain and skies provide me. I deeply fear and feel the strength and depth of the sea at the same time as I enjoy it. Finally there is nothing that can remind me of isolation, and the truth of how small we are individually then an entire stretch of beach that I may sit upon on at either sunrise or sunset. I have many memories of the ocean, but a dark blanket of clouds are starting to cover them, like a slowly incoming winter storm.

Take this sinking boat and point it home,
We've still got time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Still stuck on my Island

Ah yes... here I am, after losing 3 months of my life to the abyss. I find that clarity sometimes makes the hurt feel deeper... And yet again here I am,watching the tide and waiting for a means to rescue myself and to reenter the real world. Just liked a washed up 1980's glam rocker, who has spent all of the money made off of his one-hit wonder, I seek to prove that I still have worth and relevance! Whatever the hell that means, I find myself writing shortly after midnight pacific time, and hoping not to ramble on in a depressing way.

I am cleaning up and painting, and preparing to sell what I used to call home, perhaps I will get lucky and this will happen sooner rather than later. As hard as it is to concentrate on any task at this point, I stand with one leg stuck in the "old world" and the other stumbling into what is supposed to help create my new world. School consists of interesting stuff this term, I just hope I can get myself into gear and beat this track.. Comparative religions will always be interesting, especially because it includes mythology and philosophy. American History and Culture is also interesting, as it focuses on A People's History of the United States by Zinn. A controversial history book as it focuses often on the seedier side of America history, and from the view of the common man and not kings, queens or government. I haven't found much that has shocked me yet, as I have always dug for facts when things seemed illogical to me, which is most of our history. Advanced Lighting and Texture will be the biggest challenge as it will be a large workload if I accomplish what I want to...

I have my computer with me again now obviously, or I wouldn't be writing. It's amazing how much news and information you can miss out on over a 3 month span of time, without your precious internets and their clogged tubes. I have watched a lot of shitty movies made available by Comcast On-Demand service. I am trying to get back into more interesting film, and reestablish my Netflix account... recommend me something will ya? I have also been enjoying my music collection anew through AudioSurf available on Steam for a paltry $9.95, amazing on both slow and fast songs.

And finally on the note of movies and music, I have finally found a few musical tracks from TNT's 1990 production of Treasure Island. Appropriately given recent news it stars Charlton Heston as Long John Silver, and a young Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins... it also features Christopher Lee and Oliver Reed amongst others. The production also has some of my favorite music for film of all time by the Chieftains. I wasn't a big Heston fan, but this is by-far my favorite version of Treasure Island, and he was good in it.

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