Sunday, October 19, 2008

WIP - Vulture

I am doing a vulture model for Chris Lawrence of fame. This will probably end up on his final demo reel, if deemed worthy. The poly count is ridiculous, because the feathers are individual planes, duplicated many times, and smooth for allowance of much bending and such for rigging and animation. Hopefully I can do a little zbrush/mudbox on the guy and then he will get textured.

I am working on finding something short-term/temporary and not having a lot of luck. I need to be able to stay around here for a little bit and get my home sold, and take care of some other business before I can go anywhere far away. Once that stuff is done though, I am open to going anywhere at this point in my life.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Finished my first 10k walk/run. I signed up for the walk, and it was more of a fast walking-sometimes jogging sort of thing. Final time was about 1 hour 28 flat, minus 3-4 for getting up to the start line, and I did a little better than I wanted to. I set myself a very modest 15 minute mile pace, and it worked out nicely. The scenery really helped pass the time, and personal motivation kept me very focused. I had planned on running the last mile, but I was woefully unprepared in the footwear department. My many year old Nikes are worn pretty thin, particularly on the right foot, and I could feel the blisters growing. It felt pretty bad when I attempted to run, so I just jogged/walked the last bit. I am pretty happy with the outcome, it was the beginning to my training for a full-on running 5k, which I hope to accomplish by New Years. I think it can be done, the pace for the walk/jog was already in a range that I would be comfortable with.

Work/project info and maybe some run pics hopefully coming soon...